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About us

The restoration of ecosystems and the need to connect with nature and wildlife is an emerging movement. We are at a historic moment for nature conservation and the support for an innovative nature-based economy.

Deli Saavedra / Rewilding Europe

Spanish society is changing towards a more positive attitude towards nature, wildlife and forests. We want to be part of this movement that is developing a new approach to conservation in Europe and that, in turn, opens up new opportunities and challenges for nature and people.

On March 10th of 2020 Fundación Española de Renaturalización, also known as Rewilding Spain, was formally established as a non-profit entity duly registered in the National Registry of Foundations. This was achieved thanks to the free legal support from MAIO law firm.

Our foundation was born with the main purpose of promoting the recovery of nature and wildlife in Spain, as well as the conservation of wild landscapes based on natural processes and for the benefit of society. To achieve this goal, a Board of Trustees with experience in the Spanish context has been set up, and a work program adapted to the situation of conservation and the rural environment in Spain is being developed.

Fundación Española de Renaturalización – Rewilding Spain’s statutes

Bruno D’Amicis

We are part of the Rewilding Europe family

Rewilding Spain collaborates with Rewilding Europe and is part of the European Rewilding Network, which has more than 60 initiatives in 27 European countries, covering more than 5 million hectares.

Our board

José María Rey Benayas


Jordi Palau

Marco Bolognini

Odile Rodríguez
de la Fuente

Our team

Mara Zamora

General Manager

Pablo Schapira

Team Leader

Lidia Valverde

Communications Manager

Basilio Rodríguez

Enterprise Manager

Marina Mònico

Rewilding Manager

Saúl López

Field Operations Manager

Rafael Vigil

Herd Manager

Pablo Villa

Herd Manager

Alberto Martínez

Herd Manager

Javier Ciruelos

Field worker

Miguel Ángel Cerrillo

Field worker

Manuel Burgos

Forest Officer

Andrea Hernández

Volunteer Coordinator

Javier Ruiz-Larrea

Enterprise Officer

Daniela Albert

Enterprise Officer

Verónica Herranz

Administration Assistant

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