Do you like #RewildingPeople? Join the rewilding movement and be part of our exciting work in the Iberian Highlands.


Do you like #RewildingPeople? Join the rewilding movement and be part of our exciting work in the Iberian Highlands.

Why volunteering with us?

Rewilding brings an innovative and positive approach to nature restoration work. Now, you can be part of this movement and join Rewilding Spain as a volunteer in our mission to recover lost ecological processes, boost biodiversity and contribute to socio-economic development in the Iberian Highlands. You will play a leading role and will live a unique experience together with the Rewilding Spain team and our landscape’s wonderful people.

Who can take part?

Our Volunteer Programme is aimed at legal age people, both residents in Spain and in other countries. If you like being outdoors and socialising with people, enjoy physical work and are keen to actively engage with a more positive future for the planet, this could be your chance to join the growing #RewildingPeople community.


We are open to university or master’s degree students’ internships. If you might be interested, please let us know on the application form.


The activities in which volunteers take part are very practical and varied, and cover the whole range of the rewilding actions that we are carrying out. Most of them take place outdoors, in close contact with nature, although some administrative tasks may also be required. The volunteers receive regular planning of the activities in which they are going to participate, as well as the information, equipment and support needed to carry them out optimally.


Monitoring and research

  • Camera traps management and wildlife monitoring (wild cat, birds of prey, scavengers, ungulates).
  • Monitoring of changes in natural grazing rewilding areas.
  • Animal behaviour observation and recording.
  • Monitoring of animal welfare.



Infraestructure management

  • Electric fences maintenance.
  • Removal of waste from natural environments.
  • Removal of barbed wire and posts.
  • Stone shelters and shepards huts rebuilding.
  • Restoration of paths.


Local engagement and communication

  • Support for public events organisation and management.
  • Guidance and information for visitors in the rewilding landscape.
  • Photography and video content production for Rewilding Spain.



Timing, cost and accomodation

Our Volunteer Programme runs from February to November. The minimum stay foreseen is one month and is previously agreed with the candidate. A Volunteering Certificate is delivered.

Volunteers should cover the accomodation and other logistic costs, estimated in 400€/month. We provide ongoing support and information regarding:

– Accommodation in the landscape.

– Equipment needed to complete the activities.

– Commuting between accommodation and working site.

– Practical information about the landscape and on-going support from the volunteers coordinator.

– Accident insurance.

Accommodation options available are: shared housing for volunteers, rooms in private homes and rural houses. Accommodation is assigned according to availability and the location of the work.


What will you get from your volunteering experience?

Depending on the activities you’ll be involved in, you will gain knowledge and experience in the use of camera traps and GPS systems, orientation in the open field, local flora and fauna, communication skills or infrastructure maintenance. We hope that all the #RewildingPeople will be eager to return to the Iberian Highlands and to share the rewilding message. As well, we expect you´ll feel fully satisfied for having contributed to a valuable mission for the landscape and for the whole planet.

Apply to become a volunteer!

The number of volunteers we can host is limited, so a selection process is needed. We take into account the skills, training and experience of the candidates, as well as their suitability for the tasks they will be involved in. To apply and joing Rewilding Spain as a volunteer, please fill and submit the following form. We will hold an online interview and will let you know the result and the next steps.



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