The power of ecotourism in the Iberian Highlands, to reach FIO 2024, the largest birding festival in Spain

February 22, 2024

Rewilding Spain will present a practical bilingual birdwatching guide and will share information about the Alto Tajo Natural Park, the Geopark Comarca de Molina-Alto Tajo and some ecotourism local companies.

Griffon vulture (Gyps fulvus) in the Alto Tajo Natural Park

The Extremadura Birdwatching Fair is the most important event of the year for birdwatching enthusiasts in Spain and will be held in February 23-25 in the Monfragüe National Park (Cáceres province). For the first time, Rewilding Spain will take part with a booth (stand 301) to share information about rewilding in the Iberian Highlands. This will be our meeting point to talk about  ecotourism opportunities and disseminate information about local entities as Alto Tajo Natural Park, Geopark Comarca de Molina-Alto Tajo and local companies such as Atecotour, Estrella Errante, Sentir el Alto Tajo and Vivewuada. aim is to give more visibility to the Iberian Highlands natural values, also explaining the contribution of rewilding to ecosystem restoration, biodiversity enhancement and socio-economic development. As well, this will be an excellent opportunity for Rewilding Spain to promote the area among nature lovers and, particularly, birdwatching fans.

To facilitate the visibility of the Iberian Highlands among ornithology enthusiasts, Rewilding Spain has gathered the most relevant information about the rich ornithological heritage of the Alto Tajo, the Serranía de Cuenca and the Sierra de Albarracín regions in a small practical birdwatching guide, bilingual in Spanish and English, which will be available in digital and print formats.

Local craft beer and the rewilding story

Rewilding Spain will also introduce the new local handcraft beer ‘La Serrana’, created in partnership with La Balluca, the smallest Spanish craft brewery, located in Milmarcos (Guadalajara province). This collaboration will contribute to share the story of the Serrano horses in Dehesa de Solanillos mount, an area devastated by wildfires in 2005 where natural grazing is helping to restore the forest. Furthermore, La Balluca is also a brilliant case story to showcase the potential of the landscape in terms of local agrifood production.

“The Iberian Highlands potential for ecotourism is huge and this means represents development opportunities to which we want to contribute partnering with local organisations and companies”, explains Basilio Rodríguez, Enterprise Officer at Rewilding Spain. “Birdlife diversity is exceptional in the landscape and birdwatching can be complemented with many other activities related to nature assets and the cultural heritage of the area, everybody can enjoy wonderful sustainable tourism experiences here. The Extremadura Birdwatching Fair is the perfect showcase to boost all this.”


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