Rewilding Spain to support NaturTajo nature observation tourism fair

March 30, 2023

Rewilding Spain is supporting the Sustainable Development Department of Castilla-La Mancha region in the creation and organization of NaturTajo, the Nature Observation Tourism Fair in Iberian Highlands, which is promoted by the regional government of Castilla-La Mancha and will hold its first edition next June 8 – 11 in Corduente (Guadalajara).

This fair has as main objectives to disseminate the landscape’s extraordinary natural heritage and to promote nature tourism in the area, where this activity has the potential to become a driver for economic development. The event, therefore, brings together some of the main focuses of Rewilding Spain’s initiative in Iberian Highlands. On the one hand, Naturtajo aims to highlight  the unique natural heritage of the area. In addition, the event will contribute to the development of the potential that restored and healthy ecosystems have to bring opportunities, development and well-being for people.


Throughout four days, NaturTajo will offer visibility to nature tourism companies that are located either in the Alto Tajo area and throughout the whole Iberian Highlands landscape, as well as networking opportunities and collaboration among professionals. As well, conferences, exhibitions and other activities will be carried out aimed at both tourism professionals and general public.  In this way, Naturtajo will also serve as a showcase of the territory for nature observation lovers.

Participants in the networking meeting held in Corduente

Rewilding Spain is supporting the organization of NaturTajo in management and communication tasks and is also taking part in various meetings that are being held with business owners of rural houses and restaurants, ecotourism and astronomical tourism companies, and artisans located in Alto Tajo area, Serrania de Cuenca and Teruel. The goal of these meetings is promoting their participation in the event  and ensuring the fair fulfills their needs.

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