‘The Rewild Podcast’ with James Shooter visits Iberian Highlands

March 29, 2023

The Rewild Podcast channel has created, with the collaboration of Rewilding Europe, a series that covers some of the most outstanding rewilding initiatives that are being carried out in Europe.

Illustration: Gemma Shooter

Leading the production is James Shooter, an experienced and award-winning filmmaker and content creator whose work has been published by BBC, Channel 5 and Daily Telegraph, among other media.

James visited the Iberian Highlands to learn more about the natural heritage of the area and how Rewilding Spain’s work will contribute to the restoration of the landscape ecosystems and to maintain it as one of the most important and unique natural areas in Europe.

In the company of Rewilding Spain Team Leader, Pablo Schapira, and the Rewilding Officer, Marina Monico, James visited the adaptation cage of the black vultures reitroduction project, which is being carried out by Rewilding Spain together with Terra Naturalis association and the Castilla-La Mancha government. He also toured the mixed forests of Peralejos de las Truchas and had an interesting conversation about sustainable and inclusive tourism with Jose Jimenez, nature guide and one of the founders of  Sentir el Alto Tajo ecotourism company.

The result of James’ inmersive experience in Alto Tajo and Serrania de Cuenca has been compiled in Episode 3 of The Rewild Podcast series, in which James Shooter himself presents  the landscape as a space that “hosts as-far-as-the-eye-can-see forests, towering geological wonders and strangely flat Mediterranean steppe.”.

The episode is available in the main podcast platforms and has already accumulated more than a thousand downloads since its release last Monday.


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